About Denise Wayne


About Denise Wayne

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As a professionally trained private investigator, Denise Wayne found that she could apply her research and deductive skills to repairing client's credit scores. It became a challenge for her to investigate and repair even the worst credit scores. She then found the same satisfaction from improving someone's credit as in finding a missing person. Denise began to devote all of her efforts to improving her skills as a credit repair specialist.

Now in her second decade in the field of credit repair, Ms. Wayne is considered one of the top credit restoration experts in America and her expertise is sought after by many credit repair companies and mortgage brokers to train and mentor their associates. Whether you are a beginner starting a credit repair business or an expert continuing your education, Ms. Wayne can teach you new techniques that would otherwise take years to discover on your own. Denise's tenure in the credit restoration industry and wealth of legal knowledge make her your greatest asset. 



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