These items are given to the client at the first meeting:


These items are given to the client at the first meeting:

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Fee Agreement Contract (Explains your fees)

Consumer Credit File Rights (Explains their legal rights)

Client_Recommendations.rtf (Instruction on how they can do their part)

Fair_Debt_Practices_Act.pdf (Explains their rights)

Credit Services Brochure (optional)

Power of Attorney Letter

You will need to order 3 current credit reports (1 from each bureau)

Explain your fee during your first contact, collect your money, and give your client a receipt.  What to charge your client is completely up to you. Some charge for set-up.  Others charge monthly.  Billing all depends upon your own personal business model and the laws for your state.  

After few days of the initial meeting with your client, you will either receive the 3 credit reports…or your client will forward (mail, fax, or drop off) their credit reports and you will draft the dispute letters for each credit report you received from your client.  Remember to never dispute more than 5 items at a time to any bureau within a one month period.

Wait for the results to come back and repeat the process if necessary.  Lather, rinse, repeat.







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