Credit Repair Business


"We started a tax preparation business last year with modest results.  In order to keep the office open (and by customer request) my partner and I decided to branch out into credit repair. Your software now helps us to build our customer base for the tax business. It is a wonderful tool for lead generation. Best of all, it paid for itself immediately with the first few clients. Credit-Aid provides superior customer service. You have gained a customer for life!"

R.Y. in Texas


"I bought Credit-Aid software last year to start a credit repair business. I love your system and Barbara has been so helpful to me and also Daniel. I deleted my own negatives within 30 days and then started with clients. Our copy is almost full and I plan on buying another one. This was the best investment ever! The customer service with credit-aid is excellent. You have a very good team and all i have to say is keep up the good job. I wish all company's were just like you guys. Trust me I've tried everybody out there and your system is very powerful. I want to say thank you for helping my company. May God Bless You!"

M.C. United Credit Repair in Houston


"My husband and I flip houses. We use Credit-Aid Pro software to help our buyers to qualify. It quick, easy and efficient. We do not charge clients for credit repair. Our profit is made from the sale of the homes."

— L.O. in Texas


"I am a realtor and I also have a credit repair business. I charge clients a small flat fee of $150 to repair their credit. When their home purchase is complete, their realtor pays me an additional $200. Credit-Aid is a huge time saver. It's so easy to use, and it paid for itself with the first few clients. It also generates leads, because the credit repair service brings them directly to me."

— S.K. in Texas


"I have a car dealership in New Mexico. We run promotions to repair credit for free. Credit-Aid Auto dealer software makes it effortless. Credit-Aid also gave us all the artwork for our "come see the credit doctor" ads. Now we have great leads walking into our dealership for less than a dollar each. This is an extremely successful and cost-effective campaign."

— C.G. in New Mexico


"A bad credit score can negatively impact a person's ability to obtain a decent mortgage. I am a mortgage broker and I help my clients with Credit-Aid Corporate PRO 1000 Software. It's simple to use and effective. Thank you for a wonderful and reasonably priced product!"

— N.L. in California


In addition to the thousands of mortgage brokers, auto dealers and credit repair specialists who use our software. We also hear from pastors who use it to help their congregation, financial advisors, CPA's and stay-at-home moms, all bringing in extra income by repairing credit. Some credit repair professionals even give seminars and classes with our software.

We also provide passive income to affiliates who have websites and refer sales of credit-aid software.


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