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All orders are for English/Windows unless specified. Turnaround for Windows software is 2 business days. Turnaound for Mac Software is 7-10 business days. We also have Spanish software versions. The minimum order is 100. No combinations unless you're ordering over 100 of each. If you wish to use PayPal BillMeLater (for 6 months with no payment/no interest), choose PayPal during purchase and look for that option. Otherwise use a credit card. We cannot assist you with BillMeLater. PayPal will offer it at their discretion.

Number of keys needed

Price per unit

Total Price



$14 each

100 = 1400

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$13 each

200 = 2600

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$12 each

500 = 6000

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$11 each

1000 = 11000

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$10 each

2500 = 25000

Special Order


$9 each

5000 = 45000

Special Order


Backend Setup Is Required for any Reseller

Backend Setup Is Required for any Reseller
Normally $399.95 (half price $199.95

This is mandatory for resellers. You cannot have an automated working store without having our programmers set up the backend programming automation.



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We deliver your software in a working landing page store.

Your landing page store is free. It lives on our server. If you wish to recreate it on YOUR site, you may and we will send you instructions, but we always deliver it in a free landing page store that will look like this: (Sample Landing-Page-Store:

Important Reseller Information:

In addition to your resller keys, you will also need backend setup., This is a requirement. At these prices above, you will receive our "standard generic reseller software for windows" explained on . standard reseller software has no credit-aid logos and no credit-aid contact info. They also WILL NOT contain your logo or company info. They are generic. Custom programming starts at $2500 (on top of software prices) so that is why most resellers opt to save money by no-brand software. Your web store itself (where you sell the software) can have your logo and company info.

You must have a working PayPal account (FREE) and a working E-Junkie account ($5 a month) to run your reseller store. This is required, otherwise there is no way for you to sell and deliver your software to your customers. These are explained at and in the paperwork we will send after you place your order.

Upon payment, we will send you all the necessary reseller paperwork to sign and fax back. There will also be questions we will send that will need to be answered (for our programmers to begin working on your reseller store). We will send that all shortly.




"I earn more in Credit Repair than I ever did as a Mortgage Broker...and I work fewer hours!"

- Phil Entenman., Boca Raton, FL
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