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Credit Repair Cloud

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Credit Repair Training and Certification Resources

Training for you and your staff from American Credit Repair Academy. If you’re serious about Credit Repair as a business, we recommend that you sign up for Credit Repair Training and certification.





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Download takes 1-2 minutes.

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This demo download is a compressed "zip" file. You do not need winzip or any other software to open a zip file. Windows XP and Vista already come with the capability of opening zip files without any special software. You just double click on a zip file and it will open just like a folder. Just download and open the zip file and you will find the installer.

If you receive a corrupt file error when trying to open the zip file, that means that you have not downloaded the entire file. We check these links daily, so if you are having this trouble downloading and installing this DEMO on Windows XP or Vista, you most likely have something wrong on your computer. See below for more help:

If you do not download the entire (12.3 MB) file, it will not run or install and you will probably see a currupt/Damaged error message. If you have downloaded the zip file and are having trouble, please make check (rightclick/properties) that you have downloaded the entire 12.3 megabyte file. If you have not downloaded the entire 12.3 megabytes, please delete the partial file that you have downloaded, clean out your temporary internet files (in your Control Panel -- Internet Properties), shutdown and restart your computer and try again

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"I raised my Credit Score 237 points in 30 days!"

- Dave G., Phoenix, AZ
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