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“This software is awesome and very easy to use. I raised my credit score 237 points and saved thousands on my home loan! Thank you.\E2\80?
— Dave G., Phoenix, AZ

“This company was WONDERFUL to deal with; the greatest customer service on the net!!\E2\80?
— Jennifer W., Maple Shade, NJ

“The software was great. I was able to fix all the errors on my credit report and raise my credit score.\E2\80?
— Duane B., San Jose, CA

“It did get my credit up!\E2\80?
— Barry K., Westec Security Network

“I LOVE this Software! Prior to using it, I spent quite a bit of money on an expensive ‘credit repair company’ that did NOTHING but take my money! Credit-Aid Software has made it very easy for me to repair my own credit. In my first month I saw huge results and was able to qualify for a better rate on a Refi. Thank you!"
— James R., Coco Beach, FL

“Credit-Aid Software is AWESOME! Since purchasing the software I have learned so much on how credit works and have truly have gained a fresh start. Customer service and Technical support are superior to any other company I've dealt with. Their prompt responses and wonderful attitudes makes any issue a delight. Thanks again!"
— Larry H., Chase Paymentech

“I was able to remove errors on my credit reports. My credit score was corrected so I was able to purchase my home and qualify for great mortgage thanks to Credit-Aid. I would recommend this to anyone having problems getting their home refinanced or anyone who wants to raise their credit score."
— Rick M., Studio City, CA

“It helped me remove errors from my credit history and yes it was very easy to use. Now I have a more accurate credit history. Thank you!\E2\80?
— Norman S., Los Angeles, CA

“WOW that is superior customer service!!! You have just gained a customer for life!!!!! Saludos!\E2\80?
— Rob Y., Brownsville, TX

“I love it. It is a great tool to repair credit."
— Edwin D, Port St. Lucie, FL

“I love your system! I deleted my negatives within 30 days and I'mso happy. This was the best investment ever and the customer service with credit-aid is excellent. You have a very good team. I wish all companies were just like you. I've tried everybody out there and your system is very powerful. Thank you for helping me. May God bless you!\E2\80?
— Manal Massis, Houston, TX

“My experience with credit aid was absolutely wonderful. The software was remarkable. My credit score jumped several points almost immediately. I have recommended this software to several friends who are all very thankful and excited about watching their scores rise. Thanks guys.\E2\80?
— Deborah S., Los Angeles, CA

“Credit-Aid helped me so very much. I can see that my credit is getting better!\E2\80?
— Joe J., Silver Spring, MD

“I thought the software was a great investment. I was able to help several family members to get old accounts settled and even removed. The software was easy to install and had everything i needed to submit to the creditors. I would highly recommend this software to anyone wanting to clean up their credit and not have to spend a lot of money.\E2\80?
— Brian B., Morrisville, PA

“I have owned a few different credit programs and this is by far the best. Very east to work through and implement.\E2\80?
— William D., Chambersburg, PA

“This product is great!\E2\80?
— Tameka S., Dearborne Heights, MI

“So far it has proven to be a very useful and easy to navigate program. It is allowing me to regain my credit scores and take charge of my finances again. I am truly grateful to the people who made this program available.\E2\80?
— Ray H., University Place, WA

“Great services...great software, this application will help many people to work faster and better with their credit. Thank you Credit-Aid!\E2\80?
Louis. B, Riverside, CA

“Credit-Aid is the best choice for price, capabilities, ease of use, and informative without the superfluous legalese...a superior product!\E2\80?
Jeffery R., Portland, OR

"Credit Aid really helped me. It is easy to understand and clearly shows what one must do to resolve credit problems. I found mistakes and corrected them fast."
Brandon S., Studio City, CA

"It was really helpful!"
Madi M, Farmington, MI

"I love this program. It helped so much to re-establish my credit score. It was easy to use."
Patrizia M., Montebello, CA

"I most impressed with how far they were willing to go to help me as I was having a problem with my computer. This product is awesome."
J.S., Dunlap, IL

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"I raised my Credit Score 237 points in 30 days!"

- Dave G., Phoenix, AZ
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