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  • Need to reinstall Credit-Aid Home Software?

  • Need to transfer your software to another computer?

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Credit-Aid Home Software is now sold by RegNow/MyCommerce

6 years ago we stopped selling Credit-Aid Software and we are now CreditRepairCloud (a professional cloud-based software). If you purchased Credit-Aid Home software in the past 6 years, you purchased it from MyCommerce (they are another company). You're their customer and they will gladly help you with your inquiry! You can email them and you can also call them 24/7.

Here's how to reach their 24/7 support:

RegNow/MyCommerce Shopper Support
Phone: 877-353-7297

Contact for a download if you purchased 2 year Extended Download Service
Email: ordersupport@regnow.com


A small number of folks get Credit-Aid Software from here
TrialPay Shopper Support
Or visit www.trialpay.com and look for contact on bottom of page.
FYI: Most TrialPay users have ordered something else in order to receive our software for free. We're not involved in any transaction.

Re-installing Credit-Aid Home Software:

First, you must have your original setup file. It's called "credit-aid_home_setup.exe." You downloaded it on your day of purchase. It would also be on a CD if you purchased one. You cannot reinstall without this file. Run the file, or pop the CD into your drive and follow the onscreen instructions. If you successfully reinstalled clean from the setup file and are having trouble "Activating" the software, click here for troubleshooting.

Want to "transfer" "Copy," "Move" or "Restore" an installation from one computer (or one hard drive) to another?

This is not possible. Software cannot be "copied" or "moved." That is like taking the engine out of a car. Software must always be "installed clean" from the original setup file or CD with no pre-existing data from the same program. Find your setup file or CD. It's the only way to re-install software.

Don't have the setup file or CD?

if you purchased "2 Year Extended Download Service" from MyCommerce and you are within those 2 years, contact them to get another download!Your receipts will show if you purchased the 2 year Extended Download Service (It's usually around $3) or CD (unsually around $6) during purchase. If you opted to save money and not purchase a CD or Extended Download Service, MyCommerce (or TrialPay) reminded you to protect your investment by saving the setup file (your product) that you received from them. Got questions about extended download service? Contact them, you're their customer.

Want to buy the newest version?

Click here for Windows. OR Click here for Mac.

More info about reinstalling:

  1. Credit-Aid needs a "clean-Install." If you are reinstalling to the same computer as before, you must delete the installation folder that may be left over from before. The old data cannot be there. You cannot keep old data. The uninstaller usually deletes this for you, but everyone's computer is configured differently, therefore: make sure credit-aid is not running, then navigate to drive C:\ and make sure there is no folder named C:\credit-aid_home. If there is, delete it. Make sure you haven't moved your installation folder anywhere else. Some people try to copy of move program folders from one hard drive to another or drag them to their desktop. This will never work and damages the installation, so please delete that folder. The only file that matters for install is the one called "credit-aid_home_setup.exe." You downloaded on your day of purchase. It would also be on a CD if you purchased one. You cannot reinstall without this file.

  2. Shut down and restart your computer. Make sure you're logged into Windows as an Administrator. Turn off or temporarily disable firewall and security and make sure you have a good internet connection.

  3. Run the setup file "credit-aid_home_setup.exe" and follow the onscreen prompts to install and activate the software. The activation key includes the dashes lke this XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Always use copy and paste from your original download letter instead of trying to retype it.

If you're installing on the same computer as before and you haven't made any hardware changes (new hard drive, new sound card, etc), there should be no issue and the software should activate just fine, however...

Troubleshooting/Error Messages:

Wrong activation code/Incorrect activation code:

This is exactly what it means. You're retyping the activation code incorrectly. Please use copy/paste form your original download letter. In some cases, this error message can also mean you've copied or moved the software from where it was first installed. See steps above about installing clean. Software cant be moved or copied. This is similar to taking the engine out of a car.

An error message says "This software is already installed on another computer:"

This means that the software believes this is a new computer and not the same computer it was installed on before. A new hard drive or other software can cause this. Don't be alarmed. Write us a friendly support ticket (***from the same email you purchased with***), include the error message plus the activation key so we can reset it. Say "My name is _______ , can you please reset my credit-aid software key, it's ___________." Then we will be able to see who you are and we can reset the key, but please understand that we cannot resend a download, as all sales are from RegNow/MyCommerce or TrialPay. If you do not have the original setup file you will not be able to reinstall.

If you see any error message related to internet connection, not connected, firewall, etc:

this means something on your compueter, router, firewall or wifi connection is preventing the software from communicating with our server. There is no way to bypass this 1-step. So please correct the issue on your end. Disable firewall or security software and plug in directly to your router. Routers can also have a firewall. Some people have faulty wi-fi. If it's a laptop, you might also try moving it to another location like a friend's house or a Starbucks. We understand that a connection or security issue can be frustrating, but we're not able to help with those. They are entirely on your end and the reasons for them are endless.

If you purchased 2 year Extended Download Service from RegNow/MyCommerce or TrialPay

Please contact that company for assistance to access extended download (see top of this page). We cannot resend a purchase you made with another company.

Want to buy the newest version?

Click here for Windows. OR Click here for Mac.

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