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Frequently Asked Questions about Credit-Aid Home Software:

Q: How does Credit-Aid software work?

A: Credit-Aid Software automates the process of repairing credit. It was written by attorneys to address dispute items, negotiate with creditors and keep it all organized. Most people see scores improve within 30 days. To see how easy it is, you can watch the video tour, download a demo.

Q: Is credit repair difficult?

A: Credit repair is simple with our software.  It creates all the dispute letters.  It makes credit repair as simple as clicking your mouse and it guides you the whole way.  Please watch the 4 minute video tour to see just how simple it is.

Q:  How long will it take to fix my credit and what results can I expect?

A: That depends upon your credit. Everyone's situation is different.  Most people see positive results within 30 days.

Q:  How many points can credit be raised by using your software?

A: That all depends upon your credit situation and everyone's is different.  Most credit reports contain errors. Errors are easiest to remove. Accurate negative items can often be removed, as well, but they take a bit more finesse. Our software gives you all the tools you need to handle the process and it is a tremendous time saver. Most people see positive results within 30 days.

Q:  Do you make any guarantees that my score will be raised any certain amount?

A: No. That would be impossible. If anyone makes such a claim...run. We've seen people raise their score as much as 287 points in 30 days. Most people do see positive results within 30 days. 79% of all credit reports contain errors. Errors are easiest to remove. Accurate negative items can often be removed, as well, but they take a bit more finesse. ALl of these elements come into play. Our software gives you all the tools you need to handle the process and it is a tremendous time saver.

Q: Are there ongoing (or monthly) fees?

A: There are NO recurring or monthly fees. This is inexpensive “end user” software to download and install on one computer. This is not a web based subscription service.

Q: Do free credit reports or credit scores come included with your software?

A: Credit reports and credit scores do not come included in our software but we do provide you the ability to order them easily with a mouse clicks from within our software.  You’re entitled to free credit reports once a year.  Credit “scores” however, are generally something that must be purchased.  We do provide links for easy to access credit scores, as well.

Q: Can you give me advice about my own credit? 

A: We are not allowed to give advice about specific credit issues, however we offer plenty of information in our software and in our credit repair blog. If you have general questions about running the software. Please visit this page for a support form. It will be received by a technician who can help you. Make sure to use the email address you used when making your original purchase and include any relevant details.

Q: What are your recommended products for starting a credit repair business?

A: Click here for professional credit repair software

Q: What additional materials come with the larger credit repair business versions?

A: Our professional credit repair software solutions handle far more clients at a much lower cost-per-client. They include paperwork required to start a credit repair business (i.e., power of attorney authorization, consumer credit file rights, client contract agreement, plus additional credit repair letters and more). These packages are a much better value and will pay for itself with the first few clients. After that it is all profit.

Q: I want to use this for clients.  Can I just buy the cheaper home version and copy the letters?

A: Our "home-user" version is not useful to professionals. "Home-user" versions only allow 3 members. "Home-user" versions are only for home-users. You cannot run a business on them.

Q: How do I contact Technical Support or customer service?

A: Click here for a company contact directory

Q: I purchased and installed a retail CD of Credit-Aid HOME, but I cannot activate the software with my software key code because of an error message that says "Sorry cant proceed make sure your internet is connected."

A: Shut down and restart your computer, turn off firewall, security and make sure you dont have any connection issues. Your rouuter may also have a firewall that is blocking the software from communicating with our activation server. You may have a WIFI issue. If it's a laptop, take your computer to another location, friends house, coffee house and try again.

Q: What is the difference between your home-user and your professional software?

A: Our "home-user" version is not useful to professionals. "Home-user" versions only allow 3 members. "Home-user" versions are only for home-users. You cannot run a business on them. The business versions import credit reports and have more features than can be listed on this page. For helping clients or running a business you need professional credit repair business software.

Q: What makes your software better than others?

A: Our people! We have fantastic customer service and support (and we are really nice). To be honest, we do not pay attention to other company’s products. We are too busy selling our own and insuring customer satisfaction. We invented Credit Repair Software and are the number one seller of consumer and professional credit repair software in America.

Q: Can this software be run over a network?

A: No, this is end-user software to install and run on only one (1) PC. It is not networkable.

Q: Can I install on more than one computer (multiple computers)?

A: No, our software is sold as a single license and can only be installed on one computer hard drive.

Q: Will this software allow me to do the disputes online?

A: No, and it often works against you if you to dispute on line. You have greater success if by paper mail. It's more time-consuming for bureaus to process and if they do not reply within the allotted 30 days (according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act) by must remove the disputed item from your report.

Q: Will this software work on a Mac?

A: If you bought a windows version it will run on Windows. If you bought a mac version it will run on mac. Mac will not run on windows and windopws will not run on mac. Buy the appropriate version for your operating system.

Q: Do you have software in Spanish?

A: Si! All of our software is available in Spanish. Links are at the top of most pages.

Q: Will the credit bureaus accept letters written in Spanish?

A: Yes, the bureaus are bi-lingual and must accept letters written in Spanish.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?

A: All affiliate information is posted here

Q: Why don't my credit reports have "scores"?

A: Most Credit Reports ordered by consumers do NOT have credit "Scores." -- especially those ordered for FREE from the Annual Service, The scores are generally sold at a premium. Here is our recommended source if you are seeking actual credit "scores"

Q: My credit report does not contain Spouse information. Should it? Should I include Spouse information when requesting or disputing a report?

A: (Copied from EXPERIAN.COM) "The credit reporting agencies maintain individual credit files for each U.S. resident. They do not maintain combined files for spouses. Therefore, your credit report is separate and different from your spouse's. Joint credit accounts you have with your spouse will appear on both credit reports."

Because the bureaus maintain individual credit files for each US resident, it is easiest when communicating to the Credit Bureaus communicate as individuals, rather than trying to combine communications and disputes.

When using Credit-Aid Software, it is advisable to create completely separate user profiles and completely separate request and dispute letters, rather than trying to copy and paste between spouses.

Q: I have a desktop, a laptop, and several other computers in my office. Can I install this software on more than one computer?

A: No. Credit-Aid software is sold with a single Computer license, very much like Windows or Office or many other popular programs. It may not be installed on more than one (1) computer.

Q: When I start to install Credit-Aid software, I am getting a message window that says "Unknown Publisher." What does that mean and what should I do?

A: We are not affiliated with Microsoft in any way, therefore we will always be an "Unknown Publisher." This is just part of WIndows security letting you know that our software has not been verified by Microsoft. When you seen "Unknown Publisher" simply continue the install process.

Q: Help! I can't download my Credit Reports from the Credit Bureau web site!

A: We have no affiliation to any credit report providers. If you have trouble with their site, please contact their support.

Q: Why is this software so reasonably priced?

A: We believe that software should be affordable. We also truly want to help people. We know that we have created the best credit repair software on the market and we also know that if you have success, you might tell a friend about it, and if enough people have success, we will sell plenty of programs, and help a lot of people, and everyone wins in the end.

Q: I do not have Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP. Will Credit Doctor run on older versions of Windows?

A: No. Credit Doctor will only run properly on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Q: Do you have a Canadian Version?

A: Although we've traveled everywhere from Moose Jaw to Medecine Hat, we are American and live in California and we have no knowledge of the Canadian Credit Laws. A Canadian version my be in the works soon, but for the moment, it takes all the hours in the day to improve our own American version. If you are Canadian and need help with Canadian Credit Repair information click here.

Q: I have paid for Credit Doctor and received my Activation Code from you, but when I try to enter my activation code into the program, it just says DEMO DEMO and I can't enter in the code.

A: If it says DEMO DEMO, that is NOT the Credit-Aid Full Version program. What you have is only the free Demo, and you must completely uninstall the demo prior to installing and running the full-version.

Q: I am trying to install by typing in the name and activation code you sent me, but I keep getting an error message that says "incorrect code" or "Invalid User String." What do I do?

A:"Invalid User String" or "Incorrect code" "means you are entering an incorrect name and code. This usually occurs when trying to "retype" the name and code we sent. Please try to "copy and paste" the name and code (instead of retyping) and you should have success. FYI: To cut and paste: Use Control + C to COPY and Control + V (Or Right Mouse Click + Paste) to PASTE it into the Activation window.

Q: I bought a copy of Credit-Aid, but my computer crashed. How can I get a new copy?

 A: Click here

Q: How do you handle product returns?

A: We believe in our products and we know you will love them, too. Our software support team is available to assist you and will generally reply to any concern within 24 hours. If, however, they are unable to resolve your technical issues we will offer a full refund, within 30 days of purchase.  To read full details of our guarantee and return policy click here

Q: I am trying to download this program, but I keep getting corrupt or NCIS error messages when trying to install it. What is wrong?

A "corrupt" or "NCIS" error you are getting means that you are not downloading the entire program. You must download the entire file. If you're having trouble downloading your product, contact the company you purchased from. It was not us, but contact information is here.

If you are double clicking on the file you have downloaded and nothing happens, or you get an error message that Windows doesn't know what to do with it, you probably haven't downloaded the entire file.

We test the links daily and they generally take 2 Minutes to download on standard DSL or Broadband, but occasionally your antivirus or internet settings on your computer may be preventing you from completing the download. If you are getting error when trying to download and install the software, here are the steps to take to correct this problem:

Delete the partial file you have downloaded

Delete ALL temporary internet files (Control Panel – Internet Settings)

Completely SHUT DOWN and RESTART your computer

Download the file again and remember to save it to your desktop. Make sure you have the full file. Once it has downloaded, you can check the file size by doing a right mouse click on the file itself and choosing PROPERTIES (with the left mouse button). If you have downloaded the entire file it should install perfectly.

If for any reason this does not work, and you're still having trouble downloading your product, contact the company you purchased from. Click Here.

Q: I didn't receive my activation letter...or my time ran out. Can you resend my download and activation information?

If you're having trouble downloading or receiving your product, contact the company you purchased from. Click Here

Q: If I am a Mortgage, Real Estate or Credit Professional, can I just buy the consumer software? Will the consumer version be useful for me?

A: No! If you are a Mortgage, Real Estate or Credit Professional, our "consumer" software will not be useful to you. We offer "limited feature / limited use" versions of our software to "consumers" at a consumer-level price. These versions are not useful for professionals. Click here for Professional Credit Repair Software.

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For General Support and all technical issues: Please visit our FAQ Page and Support forum to see if your question has been addressed. If not, you may open a support ticket. We will respond within 24 hours (and usually sooner)!

If you have have a unique business proposal or venture to present to us we are always interested in new business, but please make it in writing, with as much detail as possible, so we may repond accordingly.

For legal reasons, our staff cannot give you credit advice! For Credit Repair Training visit at www.americancreditrepairacademy.com
For general credit information, please download our free e-book.

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Technical Support

If you're a Home User and you're wanting to re-download or re-activate a software order from the past click here.

If you're a Home User and you're having any issue with your software order click here.

For all other support issues please visit our Support page.We will respond within 24 hours.


"I earn more in Credit Repair than I ever did as a Mortgage Broker...and I work fewer hours!"

- Phil Entenman., Boca Raton, FL
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